Iskender kebab or Iskender doner is one of the famous kebab dishes of Bursa region. It started in 1867 in Kayhan Bazaar. Although its main ingredient is Döner, what makes iskender iskender is the butter on top, tomato sauce, yogurt next to it, and fatty pita pieces underneath.


inegöl köfte, Bursa'nın inegöl ilçesinde yapılan ızgara köftedir. 19. yüzyılın sonlarında Balkanlardan inegöl'e gelen Türk göçmenleri halkı tarafından yaratıldı.Ćevapi olarak Balkanlar'da bilinmektedir. Yuvarlak şekilde yoğrulur ve ızgarada pişirilir


Tahini pita is a type of pita. The bread dough is opened in a thin oval shape and enough tahini is poured into it. The amount of tahini is optional. In addition, if it is desired to be sugar, powdered sugar is added as much as desired. The dough is rolled about 1 meter long.


Bursa peaches are famous all over Turkey with its quality and flavor. Peaches are between June and August. Due to the rich vitamins and minerals in peaches, it is very nutritious, it is a fruit that is on the diet lists with its lack of fat and fiber. The fact that Bursa Peach has 10 different vitamins together, especially rich in vitamins C, E and K, makes it valuable.


The meatballs with pita, which emerged as an alternative to doner in the historical Kayhan Bazaar, are made only in Bursa with a history of hundreds of years. Kayhan bazaar was established in the time of Yıldırım Beyazıt and its old name was “Kayıhan”. The reason why it can be continued here for many years is that it is seen as a profession and it is kept alive by being transferred from father to son. Meatballs with pita are offered to tourists coming to the region. The first recommended dish for a tourist who wants to get to know the flavors unique to Bursa is meatball with pita.


A dessert made of chestnut, chestnut and sugar syrup. It is one of the famous desserts of Bursa. Chestnut candy is made from chestnuts grown in Uludağ, within the borders of Bursa province. Chestnut sugar is made by dipping boiled chestnuts into boiling sherbet after being peeled and tied to cheesecloths.


Turkey, you will not find anywhere, you can only eat in Bursa miniature, tasty, round pie in the form of a derivative. The most characteristic feature is that the edges are thick. The dough in the middle is very thin and the mortar is put here. The classic should be minced meat. It is possible to eat the most delicious pita in the Kayhan district of Bursa.


High quality table olives can be produced from Gemlik type olives due to the fact that the skin is thin and adhered to the flesh, the wall thickness is large, the core is small, round and smooth on the top and aromatic. The number of grains per kilogram is between 280-320. While Zeytin takes the name Gemlik in Gemlik, Bursa and its vicinity, it also takes the names Kaplık in Orhangazi, Trilye in Mudanya, and Kıvkaç and Kara in Orhangazi and Gemlik.